How to Solve Windows Activation Error 0Xc004F212?

How to Solve Windows Activation Error 0Xc004F212?

We all know very well about the Microsoft Suite, it always provides us with better services to their users, they provide different applications for different uses in the Microsoft Suite. To install a copy of Windows, Microsoft allows their users to download it from their website. But sometimes, after the process of installation, users have entered the key, then users may receive results in Windows Activation Error 0Xc004F212 which means that the license key and the windows version you had installed on your computer do not match with each other.

So that your computer shows an error message which is like:

The product key that is used on this PC didn’t work with this edition of Windows, Windows Activation Error 0xC004F212.

Whenever the Microsoft generates any license for a copy of Windows, then it was associated with only one particular alternative of the Windows. Now, the windows are some with various levels including the Home, Professional, Enterprise and many more, for example, if any user brought a license for Windows 10, but if they download and install Windows 10 Enterprise, then the activation process will automatically fail.

In this post, we will discuss to you how to fix the Windows Activation Error 0Xc004F212 easily. But before continuing the process, we advise you to follow the instruction in the given series as it will help you in saving your time and also take fewer efforts.

Steps to Solve Activation Error 0XC004F212

If you purchased this key from any retail store or any website, then we suggest you recheck it with them about the exact version of the Windows. If you have any doubt regarding its validity, then you can immediately get in touch with the agent of the Microsoft Support to find out the truth. If you purchased this key from the retail store, then there is also an option to get a refund. By this way, you can now able to purchase the best version of the Windows.

Run Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooter

To resolve this error, you need to run the Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooter, by following the below-given process:

  1. Firstly, click on the Settings
  2. Then, tap on Update & Security option.
  3. Click on Activation option.
  4. Then, choose Troubleshoot option.

Note: the troubleshooter will able to identify that it is a valid Windows 10 digital license for an edition which is currently installed or not. If it is not; then it will automatically show the process of installing correct edition.

Still, if it doesn’t work, then we advise you to contact with the Microsoft support and ask them to change the product key. If any users are tried activating Windows again and again with the wrong version, the server will automatically block it. However, only the Microsoft team will be able to reset the product key.

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