How to Set Up Windows XP Emulator on Windows 10 PC

In case you are a fan of old Windows OS and wish to install it on your PC while also enjoying the perks of Windows 10, then do not worry, you are not asking for the impossible. There is a way to set up a Windows XP emulator on Windows 10 and experience Windows XP again. Here are the steps to set up a Windows XP emulator for Windows 10:

About Windows XP Emulator        

We all know that Microsoft has discontinued Windows XP, therefore the customers using Windows XP have reduced significantly. There have not been any security patches created by Microsoft to secure Windows XP from the malware. So using Windows XP now is too dangerous; however, the emulator will bring Windows XP to your PC without getting infected with malware. If the emulator somehow gets infected, then you can easily uninstall it and install the new one again. Here are the ways to set up a Windows’ XP emulator on Windows 10:

Running the Windows XP Emulator on Windows 10

This process will be done using a virtual machine; a virtualized computer will be created on your Windows 10. That’s mean that the virtualized screen created is different from the Windows 10. There are many virtual machines you can use to Run the XP emulator on your system. Here we are using VM’s virtual box which you can download from their official website. Here is how to use it:

  1. Open the Virtual Box and tap on the New option.
  2. Name your Virtual Machine.
  3. Choose the place you find appropriate for installing Virtual Machine.
  4. Select the Windows XP version you want to install.
  5. Tap on the Next button.
  6. Now, select the memory you want to set for the virtual machine.
  7. Now, select Next.
  8. Tap on ” Create a virtual hard disk now” option.
  9. If you have set it already then choose to Create then Next.
  10. Choose the” Dynamically allocated”  option.
  11. Then tap on Next.
  12. Select the size of the virtual hard drive. 10 GB is a good space for installing a couple of applications. However, if you are planning to install big games, then set a suitable amount of memory from this option.
  13. Tap on the start button appearing on the top menu. Then the option for the XP start disk will appear.
  14. Insert it on the optical drive if you have one. Otherwise, tap the file selector to navigate your XP disc image.
  15. Tap on Start.
  16. The installation process will begin, so follow the on-screen instruction.
  17. Now, the Windows XP emulator has been installed on your Windows 10.
  18. If you wish to use it just click on the Start button.
  19. For closing down, Shut down the standard OS.

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