How To Remove Paper Jams In Desktop Inkjet and Laser Printers?

How To Remove Paper Jams In Desktop Inkjet and Laser Printers?

If you use printer often then you must have at some time or the other encountered a paper jam issue. It is unavoidable. If you face this issue, then do not fret. Read on and know how to fix paper jam issues in desktop printers.

Desktop Inkjet Printer

  • Firstly, switch the printer off. Doing so diminishes the risks of damaging the printer or causing injury to you. Allow the printer to log off. After that, disconnect it from the power supply for added protection.
  • Now, flip the primary cover on the top. Take out all the excess sheets.
  • After this, try to pull out the stuck paper gently. You need to be firm while holding it and slow while pulling it. Ensure that the pulling doesn’t tear the paper. If you pull too harshly, you can injure yourself.
  • If you are not successful in pulling the paper out, then you need to remove the print head. Go through the printer manual and apply the given steps to remove the print head. After removing the print head, just very tenderly pull out the paper.
  • With inkjet printers, the paper may be stuck in things around the output tray. Have a look at the output tray and if you see any bits of paper then take it out.
  • If the paper is still stuck, then try to remove the back panel and input tray.

Desktop Laser Printer

  • Switch the printer off and then open the main cover.
  • Now, allow the printer to cool down for an hour. In laser printers, the sheet moves within two heated rollers named the fuser. If the page is stuck in or around the roller, wait let the printer cool down for at least an hour. The rollers reach seriously raised temperatures.
  • If you are unable to see the stuck paper, then you will have to remove the print cartridge. Dislodge the cartridge very carefully. After that, try to take the paper out gently. Do not just grab it and try to force it out.
  • In laser printers, when sheets go through the rollers, they often get stuck. Try to rotate the rollers and free the page. You can also try to pull the roller upwards and then dislodge the paper.
  • If none of the above-mentioned steps work out, then contact a technician.

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