How to remove cards from Apple Pay when your iPhone is lost?

How to remove cards from Apple Pay when your iPhone is lost?

Losing your iPhone by either misplacing it for due to theft is a serious affair. And this will be risky if Apple Pay is enabled and your cards are linked. It is a safe and good idea to disable Apple Pay and remove your cards from it.

Here is how to turn off and remove your cards from Apple Pay, when your iPhone is lost.

Step 1: Sign in into iCloud.

1.    Use any device (laptop, tablet, computer, iPhone, etc.) which have a web browser.

2.    Use the link ‘’ to open iCloud.

3.    Use your iCloud detail and sign in into it.

4.    Now after login on the iCloud home screen, click on ‘Settings’ icon. Alternatively, you can click on [Your Name] > and then go to ‘iCloud settings’ from the option.

5.    Go to ‘My Devices’ section. Here you’ll see the device that is configured with Apple Pay with an Apple pay icon on it.

6.    Click on the lost iPhone that is linked with your card.

Step 2: Removing the card (Credit or Debit) from the lost iPhone.

After selecting the lost iPhone some details related to it will appear, here the information about credit or debit cards linked with the phone will also display. If you’d set up more than one card into the device, all will display.

•    Select the card you want to remove.

•    And click on ‘Remove.’

•    If you’re going to remove more cards, repeat the procedure for all.

Step 3: Confirm the removal and log out.

When you click on ‘Remove’ a conforming window will pop up telling you about the action you’re performing.

•    Confirm by clicking on ‘Remove’ on the confirming window.

•    This will take up to 30 seconds to completely removing the card.

•    Wait to complete, once it will end the card will be removed from your lost device.

That’s it!

How to disable Apple Pay using Find My iPhone app

Confirm that Find My iPhone is enabled:

This will be done on your phone, so check twice while setting up Apple Pay on your phone.  To do this: Go to ‘Settings’ > tap ‘iCloud’ > select ‘Find My iPhone’ and check that it is on or not.

1.    Open ‘Find My iPhone’ app.

2.    Sign in into it.

3.    Click on ‘All Devices’ dropdown button.

4.    Select the phone from the all devices list.

5.    Click on ‘Lost Mode or Lock’ and turn it on.

6.    If you think you’ll not get your iPhone back, then go to iCloud settings and select Remove cards.

How to remove your cards from Apple Pay through your iPhone or iPad

If you have the device from which you want to remove a credit or debit card then it is easy, here is how?

1.    Open ‘Settings’ on the iPhone or iPad from you want to remove a card.

2.    Under settings, tap on ‘Passbook & Apple Pay.’

3.    Select the card to remove from CARDS.

4.    Tap on the ‘credit or debit card’ you want to delete.

5.    Scroll down and tap on ‘Remove Card.’

The card will be removed, and it will no longer be used with Apple Pay.

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