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Top 4 Methods For Keeping Your Printer Work Properly

Like all other technical parts of computer even printer needs to be adequately maintained so that it works correctly. Many of the times people do every work to make their PC work properly, but they forget when it comes to their printer. To make  printers work for the proper duration of time, users need to know how they can nicely care for it. To know about how to make the printer work properly go through the given below points carefully. Safety Matters First Before starting to do anything with [...]


How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code 48?

Brother Printers are most popular for offering incredible features and outstanding printing services across the globe. Nevertheless, every device is not always perfect, and after all, it is also a device which sometimes creates different issues. And all of the problem one is related to the error code 48. This Brother Printer 48 error indicates that the circuit board or print head cable of the printer is a malfunction. Moreover, it shows an error message such as unable to clean, unable to print, or unable to scan. Many [...]


How to Register and install tvOS 12.2 Public beta one on your Apple TV

Usually, Apple offers updates for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS as public betas for the developers and for Mac, iPhone, iPad users. Unfortunately, there are no public beta programs for the Apple watch. Where the public betas have some new features, it also consists of some pre-release bugs that also prevent the performance of your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other devices. So, think twice before using public betas and use with cautions. If you’re interested and want to try out the new tvOS 12.2 Public beta [...]