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The Best Ways to Update Facebook Messenger

When you update the latest version of Facebook Messenger, you will get the newest features. After updating the Messenger application, you can fix many problems when something’s not working. The updated version of Messenger includes several bug fixes and performance improvements. Steps of Updating Facebook Messenger for iOS Users:  Go to the application store. You will get this on your Home window. Click the Updated button. You will get this on the right side of the display.  Go through the Available Updates column [...]


How to link an iOS device to Smart TV

The iOS gadgets are a more significant source of playing videos. Nowadays, everyone likes to see videos on YouTube on a bigger screen instead of viewing on a 10-inch screen. So it is a great idea to connect your iPhone to your smart TV, by using HDMI adaptor or with an analogue adapter. There are a few ways to connect your iPhone to your Smart TV: With an HDMI Adapter and Cable Get an HDMI adapter. Apple and third-party products to create [...]