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How to fix Brother Printer Error 72 “Print Unable 72”?

How to fix Brother Printer Error 72 “Print Unable 72”? Talking about the word Printer, it’s a very basic topic which directly relates to our daily requirement in this digital world. Today, we all totally dependent on the internet services, because of by using the internet services we got the best solution to our each and every problem. Technology provides us the best way to convert your thoughts on paper by using a computer and printer. Printers are of different [...]


How to Fix Brother Printer Error 48?

Brother Printer Error 48 Brother’s printers are known for their amazing features and excellent printing service, but still it’s a machine and we have to face some errors with this printer device. Many errors are there which can trouble us, amongst these one is error 48. Brother Printer errors 48 mean that the print head cable or circuit board is damaged. Troubleshooting steps of Brother Printer error 48 The message “Unable to Print 48” will show on the display for one of [...]