Electronic market is full of local and multinational brand products. Customers usually opt for the brand that has reputed name in the market. Moreover, they look for features, quality as well as the price of the product. Smart customers usually tend to buy such products that offer them the best of features along with a normal price tag. “When it comes to printers”, customers often choose Brother Printers as it has everything that you want in your printer.

More About Brother Printers

Brother is a popular and well-established Japanese company which offers a huge range of electronic products to the customers. Be it printers, desktop computers, large machine tools, typewriters, fax machines, it offers each and every product at such feasible price. You can order and can buy Brother products with the comfort of your home. The company has each and every of their product available on their official website. Their products are well designed and developed by keeping customers satisfaction in mind. Brother’s printers are highly appreciated as they are equipped with the best of features in it. The best features of Brother printers are listed below:-

  • 1. Best Performance
  • 2. High-quality prints.
  • 3. It perform multiple tasks including scanning, printing and copying

Reasons to Buy Brother Printer

Being the most reputed name in the market, the company focus on giving quality products to their valuable customers. Printers offered by the company meet each and every specific needs of the home & office, small and medium businesses as well as large business groups respectively. It is one of the most preferred printer available in the market now. You can perform multiple printing operations at single time. These were the best of reasons that will surely fetch you towards their printers. However, if you have still any doubt or query regarding the features and functions of Brother printers, you can call Brother Printer customer support.

Brother Printer Customer Service

Setup Brother Printer on a Wireless Network: Before coming to this, you must know about the current wireless network setting which include network name and the network key. Now, you just need to follow the listed steps. Once, you go through these steps, you will be able to setup Brother Printer on wireless network.

Steps to Setup Brother Printer on a Wireless Network

  • 1. The First work is to connect the Brother printer to the power supply switch.
  • 2. Now, press on Menu button and then Up or Down key to choose the Network and click on OK.
  • 3. By using the same Up and Down keys, select WLAN and click onOK
  • 4. After that, choose the Setup Wizard by using the same keys and press on OK button.
  • 5. The machine will start searching for the network.
  • 6. A list of SSIDs will display there.
  • 7. Now, choose the SSID you want to connect and then press OK
  • For next step, you can follow any of the listed method.

    - Enter the Network key only if you are using an authentication method which require a network key and then provide the WEP key and press OK.
    - Rather than choosing an authentication method, if you have chosen an open system method with no encryption mode, then the printer will automatically connect to the wireless device.
    - If the WLAN access router that you are using supports WPS, then it will be automatically appeared.
    - For connecting it to your machine, press WPS button and then press the UP arrow key twice.

  • 8. If none of these methods work, check the status if it is already showing "Connected" on the LCD display of the printer or not.

Steps for Downloading and Installing Brother Printer Drivers

If you have an internet connection in your device, you can easily download the required Brother Printer Drivers. Follow the listed steps to download it and installing it in your device.

  • 1. Visit the official website of Brother Printers.
  • 2. Now check the “Download” section.
  • 3. Choose” Download Full Drivers” and “Software Package”.
  • 4. Now fill the required details such as model number etc.
  • 5. Hit on “Download” button.

Now the drivers will be downloaded in your computer system. Once the download is complete, the drivers needs to be installed in your computer. In order to install the drivers in the system, do follow the listed steps and install it for a perfect use.

Follow the steps for Driver Installation

  • 1. Once the download is finished, you need to turn off your Brother Printer and disconnect it from the computer system
  • 2. Now, reconnect it after 1 minute and turn it on
  • 3. After that, double-click on the downloaded driver setup file
  • 4. Choose your preferred language

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. After going through all the above mentioned steps, you can easily setup and install the drivers in your system. Make sure that you have enabled the auto update system as your device and the drivers need to update by time to time.

How to Get Brother Printer Support?

Brother company always think about customer satisfaction and convenience. Hence it offers you the best of customer support team, who are always ready to help you in case of any problem or any issue. For any instant support, you can call Brother Printer customer support number +1-800-325-1580 (US/Canada) (Toll-free). If still you have any doubts or looking for more help, you can visit the blog section of our Brother Printer website. The best of results will be displayed on your screen and you can choose the preferred option by using the Support procedures in the option. For more, detailed info and query, you can take help of Brother printer customer support who are always ready to help you.